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Get to know Abril Navarro Lazo

Music, where the melodies float through the air sharing the songs in harmony, music is known to portray our feelings and emotions in the style of different genres; only those who know how to listen, music shall touch their hearts. I have been studying music for 2 years in school. It has become my passion, my escape from reality, my cure, and form of expression to my emotions. Music has become a part of my life that I will hold on to forever.

Working in the new studio for Superbroadcast, for me this is a new step and opportunity. I will bet an opportunity to share and explore more music, with it’s different genres and young artists that have become the revolution of music in this century. Although this is a new approach for me in music, I will enjoy expanding my knowledge and exploring the newest era of music.

This is a challenge for me, most of my musical perspective is very classical,18th being my favorite as it was the turn and build up of the Romantic era, soon to evolve to Impressionism and many other forms. Classical music may be the beginning of popular music, and it is wonderful to explore, seek patterns, and discover how the popular music still conserves the original classical music.

From my experience, I have studied and researched from the origins of the Baroque era, to the latest musical industry, popular music, this is only the start of my learning and understanding of music. Some of the main titles and topics I have deeply explore are: Mozart  “Sonata K545” (where I arranged the first and second movement for wind instruments concerto), Debussy “La Mer” (where I created a short documentary deeply explaining the different components of the musical masterpiece), Olivia Rodrigo “Deja vu” (exploring the social context and evolution of music), and at the moment researching the original Flamenco (the bulerias, exploring the different rhythmic components used by the Spanish).

Music takes a much bigger part of my life than research, but as my explanation of my emotions and feelings. Piano, though I started piano only 3 years ago it has become my identity, a part of my inspiration, it is my inner reflection. It was only 3 years ago, but it felt like a lifetime full of exploration. Piano opened my imagination to music, and it has taught me how to listen and feel, how to communicate through the magical term of music

One of my favourite composers is Chopin, the nostalgic feeling in the “Nocturne in C# minor”, to the dancing lines of “Waltz in A minor”, and how the melodies speak the true identity and sentimental feelings of the composer. There is something wonderful when the arpeggios and melodies collide, and I am on a mission to discover how Chopin’s musical records are still alive in popular music.

Best of Chopin

The mission of the theory “Music is an artistic explanation of oneself” can be seen in all the common music nowadays, the trick is to deeply look inside the song, with or with no lyrics. There is a mysterious side to music that evokes people to listen more, listen for their hearts and soul, every piece comes with it’s own side of their story.

Olivia Rodrigo “Deja vu”, as said before, her inspiration is her romantical life or her perspective of romance, she includes a perspective from Classical composers. She shares her connection to her song in the chords of the piano, the dynamical structure, and strong lyrics, the same principle as Chopin, or Beethoven, or Tvchikosky; their identities are written on their music. We can see many examples in popular music, but it is important to analyze and look at their deep meanings. They are part of the music cycle, and it’s our turn to understand the real definition of music.

"Music knows it is time to evolve, time for a revolution of arts, and it is happening right here, right now… "

Of course music is very diverse, from John Cage to Ravel, to the king Mozart to Bad bunny, identity is not only one perspective, and Super broadcast is here to document how and why  this new musical era is unique and special, just as the others. Music knows it is time to evolve, time for a revolution of arts, and it is happening right here, right now… 

By : Abril Navarro


  • Claudia says:


  • Giseluz says:

    Excelente artículo. Muy interesante investigar como influye la música clásica en la música popular. Y es muy cierto, la música está evolucionando siempre… aunque Bad Bunny… eso no es música para mi.
    Estaré atenta a los próximos artículos.

  • Marie Alamri says:

    Beautiful insight of your understanding about music. This is just the beginning of a new journey in this wonderful world God created for us called music that touch your heart and soul.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for reading the article from Abril . Continue supporting Superbroadcast .Follow us on all our social media platform

  • Deborah Moura says:

    Abril, I loved your text! Your love for music is inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for reading the article from Abril . Continue supporting Superbroadcast .Follow us on all our social media platform

  • Fermín says:

    Es impresionante ver cómo ha influido todo esta música de hace 300 años en distintos géneros, Y a veces algunos impensados como el Hard Rock o el metal basan muchas de sus partes importantes en la música clásica, es más, al oir los reefs o los solos te das cuenta de esa influencia

  • Cesar Padilla says:

    It is a delight to read your post and see that new generations appreciate music, and that somebody as young as you has so much knowledge. Keep it up, don’t stop discovering new music, new genres. Music is a way to travel and to learn new cultures, to understand their people.
    Good luck on your journey Abril!

  • Jessica Tapia-Dykeman says:

    It’s always a pleasure when i found a teenager understanding how magnificent is classical music. I hope that passion and love continues forever.

  • John Asto says:

    Excellent article, proud of you

  • Alejandro Piscoya says:

    Quite interesting appreciation and Olivia Rodrigo´s idea that nothing is new in music, however she has been accused of plagiarism and allegedly paid a large amount of money to some of the complainants, so the question is When the “influence” becomes plagiarism, is there a clear limit?

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