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New Era of Busking Begins: Lucas and Gaston Take the Stage at Superbroadcast

The busking scene just witnessed the arrival of two new stars: Lucas and Gaston. These talented young performers recently took their music beyond the streets and onto the first ever showcase stage.

This marked a pivotal moment in their journey, showcasing their exceptional talent and ushering in a new generation of busking.

With their captivating melodies and infectious energy, Lucas and Gaston captivated the Superbroadcast audience. Their performance transcended genres, blending acoustic rhythms with contemporary influences, creating a unique sound that resonated with listeners of all ages.

Lucas (whylucas )

Superbroadcast are giving buskers like Lucas and Gaston the opportunity to reach a wider audience and share their gift with the world. This not only benefits the artists themselves but also enriches the music scene with fresh perspectives and diverse sounds.

Gaston ( left Gastonliew )

With their undeniable talent and unwavering passion, Lucas and Gaston are paving the way for a new generation of buskers. Their debut at Superbroadcast is just the beginning of their journey, and their music promises to resonate with audiences for years to come. So, keep your ears peeled, because these two rising stars are destined for greatness.

Their first showcase   was not just a personal triumph, but a beacon of inspiration for aspiring artists everywhere, proving that with dedication and a dash of daring, even the most unexpected stages can become launchpads for greatness.


Recently they competed in a local reality show ‘ Battle of the Buskers ‘ o Channel 8 and managed to get to top 14.We are proud of them and the success they have achieved.



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