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Hailing from the hallowed halls of Singapore’s Raffles Music  College – Music Institution, a group of talented friends recently stepped outside the comfort of academia and onto the electrifying stage of Superbroadcast. Led by the charismatic Srijan, this musical ensemble unleashed their passion for music, captivating the audience with a repertoire of beloved film scores..

Superbroadcast, usually a platform for new acts, became a stage for raw talent to bloom, and Srijan and his friends reveled in the spotlight, their smiles radiating their love for music.

More than just a performance, this was a testament to the power of friendship and shared passion. These young musicians, unbound by the confines of academic walls, dared to embrace the spotlight and share their gift with the world. Their success at Superbroadcast was not just a personal triumph, but a beacon of inspiration for aspiring artists everywhere, proving that with dedication and a dash of daring, even the most unexpected stages can become launchpads for greatness.

Keep an ear out, for these rising stars are poised to ignite the music scene, one heart-pounding performance at a time.

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