Dr Azahar Ibrahim Alwee shared his thought on

Sunar Sugiyou’s ‘ Empress of the Cradle ‘  art exhibition at Suite 88
Home of Superbroadcast.

The thought process that links the practices of Ancient civilization can help us understand the present and prepare for the future

Bobur from Uzbekistan Takes Us on a Musical Journey at Superbroadcast

Bobur Eshpulatov  shares his journey through music resonated from Uzbekistan to Singapore.The intimate atmosphere of the Superbroadcast provided the perfect setting for this unforgettable experience that reminds him back home.

In Conversation with Dr Jamus Lim

It is always exciting to meet a familiar face from the news – between starstruck admiration and the eagerness to close the gaps between expectations and reality is a natural curiosity towards what makes the man.

We engaged in dynamic conversation about the quintessential Singaporean childhood. There was a span of generations in the room, but the struggles and crossroads on the path from graduating from a structured education into adulthood resonated with all. Behind the confident and well spoken politician who strives for greater compassion in policy making is a Singaporean youth who once was uncertain on what his future held.

Going through the education system, Dr Lim believes, should not be a fulfillment of a social contract in exchange for job security. It should promise first and foremost to grant the tools for self actualization, to prepare one for the whimsical journey of independence and adulthood. As one who wanted to study law for the known prestige before finding his interest in academia, he recognises that our education system has its shortcomings in guiding students towards realizing their variety of interest and potential.

The hour of conversation brought fruitful insight, and we are grateful to have had Dr Lim’s time with us at Superbroadcast.

Content is King

Former CEO of Media Prima Dato Khairul Anwar discussing with CEO of Yefira Group Mr George Kypraios about opportunities in Asia.

Art from the Perspective Dr Adam Staley Groves

Why is art often misunderstood ?

Imagine a world where art transcends mere aesthetics and delves deeper into the realms of human experience and intellectual inquiry. This is the world explored by the combined perspectives of a poet and a Doctor in Philosophy of modern thinking.

In a poignant homecoming

An Italian artist born in Hong Kong returns to Singapore after decades to unveil her debut solo exhibition

With a deep connection to the city, the artist expresses her heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to showcase her work in the place she holds dear. Our platform is honored to have played a role in making her dream of exhibiting in Singapore a reality