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Superbroadcast presents

Intimate coversation

Heart to Heart with  by Maddy and Akhil was a success !

After months of planning, we’re finally got to see Maddy perform.

We first met Maddy 6 months ago. After long months of careful planning and unfortunate rescheduling, we finally got to see and experience Maddy performed

He performed brilliantly for a whole one and half hour, featuring covers from films and movies.

Maddy was joined by Akhil, who he met at Vasantham Channel’s reality TV Tamil singing competition—Yaar Antha Star 2020—where both of them were the top 7 semi-finalists for the show

Both musicians showed a great synergy in most of the songs, where Anthony played his guitar with skill.

The energy pulsing through the crowd was lively and exciting, with many of the audience members clapping and singing along to the dulcet tunes. What a night to remember!

Akhil gave his best performance in front of his friends and family.

Even if you don’t know all the words to a particular song, it’s easy to be swept up by the crowd singing along.

This past performance at Superbroadcast . How do you find the studio when you first came and how do you feel after performing at an intimate settings

When I first stepped into the studio, the first few things I thought about were cozy, classy, minimalistic and chill. As I walked around the place it I felt a sense of comfort and calm. The lighting and the paintings that was on display were very apt for the studio. As I tried singing for the first time in the studio, I felt like the acoustics were really good and I wasn’t too conscious of my own singing. I could feel a sense of familiarity to the place which helped me calm my nerves as I sang.

After the performance, I felt free and relieved. I felt like I didn’t have to hide anymore and that I can be my true and real self on stage – in front of many people – without the fear of getting judged. It was after the performance where I gave myself the acceptance and reassurance that my voice mattered and that I too can make a significant impact in people’s lives. With relation to these feelings and thoughts, I realised the studio had a lot of potential to represent not only art, music or ideas but the artists themselves – their personalities, feelings and identity.

Which one is your best favourite song you’ve performed last Saturday ?

My most favourite performance was veyyon silli and Kaatu kuyilae

What do you think makes the Superbroadcast settings from others ?

I think SuperBroadcast’s unique selling point is the people who run it. They are genuine and true and they have a sharp eye to find hidden genuine gems in the ground. The crew’s genuine personalities allow for the studio to reflect that same energy which I feel artists, like myself, can feel and in return, be true and real to our art and our audience. This unique energy that the studio propagates is further enhanced by the vitalising and peaceful ambience that has been beautifully created by the crew.

what are the songs you chose and why do you choose them?

The show’s theme was intimate conversations. Just off the head, music and conversations might seem unrelated. But it’s well known that music is also a kind of language. With that in mind, I explored how music enabled me to have intimate thoughts or conversations with the outside world and within myself. As I explored, I finally settled on the idea of how music had impacted me at every important stage of my life – From birth, till now. I pondered how music shaped me during my childhood, teenage hood and adulthood in various situations such as when in love, during my successes, failures and even how I handled friendships. Based on this thought process, I recalled the songs that impacted me so much during those situations in each particular phase of life. It felt like I was taking a walk down memory lane as I listened to the music that was strongly connected to those memories. That’s when I decided that if I manage to make my audience take a trip down the memory lane, as I did, in their own way, I had already won and that the show was a success.

As for the songs themselves,
Birth phase:
1. Oru Theivam Thantha poove
2. Unnaku Enna vennum Sollu
1. Oru Maalai
2. Kanmoodi Thirakum Bothu
3. Nenjukkul Pedhidum
1. Pachai Nirame
2. Kannaana Kannae
3. Veyyon Silli
1. Kaatu Kuyilae
1. Thenmozhi
2. Mun Adhi
1. Boomi Enna Suthuthae
2. Aagasam
1. Raja Raja Chozan

In hand how many originals you have written or compose ?

On hand, I have composed four songs altogether. I aim to properly release them and increase that number in the near future.

Anthony on guitar displaying his skill whereby he plays the keyboard seamlessly.

It was a full house for Maddy’s first one and half hour performance.

Akhil thanked the audience for the support they showed throughout Superbroadcast’s first hour and a half performance at an intimate setting.

Akhil commented that the studio was a very cozy space and the ambience was reflective of something very congenial, which convinced him to perform there in the first place. After the performance, a lot of his friends who spoke to him said the studio’s immaculate vibes elevated their performance, which was something that he completely agreed with as well

Akhil’s friend came eagerly waiting for the performance to start.


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