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A five-month project between Singapore and South Korea has come to a fruitful end! Initiated by Superbroadcast, the project brought together Singaporean talent Khidir Suratte Ishaq Surattee ( Little Attic Studios ) and South Korean Taewoo  (Mechive ,Broove Official ) Peter Sung Hoon Kim. The collaborative effort, spearheaded by production and creative teams from both countries, has been met with positive reception.

Titled “Swipe Up,” this collaboration sees Taewoo’s innovative composition infused with the R & B style of Singaporean producer Ishaq Surattee, alongside the cool vocals of his singer-songwriter brother Khidir Surattee. This fusion injects a new and vibrant energy into their work, blending laidback styling with progressive R&B beats and the serene melodies of the cello, resulting in a truly distinctive and memorable sound.

This first-ever duet between Taewoo and brothers Ishaq and Khidir Surattee is a guaranteed treat for fans of both artistes and K-Pop enthusiasts in general. With the promise of infectious melodies, powerful vocals, and a fusion of genres, this track is sure to set the music scene ablaze.

Khidir Surattee made waves in 2023 with his debut single ’Perfect Two’, receiving acclaim and radio airplay across Indonesia, Philippines, and beyond, with his follow-up single ‘All Night Long’ further solidifying his presence across this region.

Khidir’s journey is only just beginning. With two successful singles under his belt, anticipation is high for what’s next. We can certainly expect to hear more captivating music from this rising star in the months to come.

Taewoo is singer songwriter from South Korea who compose and produce his own songs as a producer, with a unique voice which identifies him clearly to the listeners.   He has started his music since he was 15 years old, started with the acoustic guitar playing composing. However, Since he focused more of his passion to educational area during his teen-age, he kept making music by himself as the only – favorite hobby.

After graduating with Degree in Business administrative he pursue his passion in music by entering various singing compeitiion ‘ Sing Again 2 ‘ and start off his single after the debut on Mnet reality show competition”

The project’s widespread recognition across Southeast Asia, with features in prominent Indonesian publications and radio interviews in both Brunei and Singapore, is a testament to its impact. It’s clear that this collaborative effort has resonated with audiences across the region.

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