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Imagine a cozy morning, sipping an iced tea or coffee, waking up observing the sunrise, or staring at your soulmate’s eyes….just the perfect setting for “Perfect Two”. The perfect match between soft piano tiles and an electronic beat, modern yet classical, the perfect tune to accompany your day.
Vocal recording at Little Attic Studios
Little Attic Studios Intimate, mezzanine-level music production studio 

Khidir Surattee’s first new single “Perfect Two” is produced by Little Attic Studios. The tune has a beautiful layout of chill beats, from electronic house to engaging classical scales on the piano, the contrast between the styles overlap to build a cool atmosphere, a relaxational tune for the listener. The vocals amplify the meaning of the song  – the perfect connection between two lovers – conveyed through the lyrics of the soft head voice in the chorus

Ishaq music producer/arranger  for ‘Perfect Two ‘

“Perfect Two” has been making waves in the Indonesian radio stations namely Malang, Aceh, Kota Palu in Sulawesi , Solo , Medan and Jakarta, as well as Brunei . Wrapping around the melody, the vocals emerge under the balance of the soft beats, building up to the chorus. The instrumental mix represents the union of two different genres mixed into one tune. The range of vocals varies throughout the scale of care and love as the singer progresses to tell the story. The melody connects to the listeners, portraying the sunrise as it emerges, creating a sense of warmth and positivity in the air.

The artiste Khidir Surrattee has been invited for a radio interview at RRI Pro 2 FM in Batam Indonesia to present his hit “Perfect Two” which has garnered over 4  thousand streams on Spotify.

A chill style of piano lofi tunes….sweet vocals… memorable lyrics… making “Perfect Two” the perfect tune for a perfect day.
Feature  image by @sannywestside

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