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Classical showcase

Magnificent performance

By January 18, 2023April 16th, 2024No Comments

For the first time ever, Suite88 – the home of SuperBroadcast – welcomes a young, talented quartet performing classical music.

Sharing the stage with Jiaqi from China and two talented Singaporean musicians, Georgi brought his enthusiasm and musicality to the forefront. This experience, a stark contrast to the pressure-cooker of competitions, allowed him to connect with fellow music enthusiasts and forge new friendships.

More than just a performance, this collaboration represents Georgi’s dedication to nurturing his passion for music in its various forms. It highlights his artistic curiosity and his willingness to embrace new experiences, both within and beyond the competitive sphere.

Georgi’s journey in Singapore serves as a testament to the power of music to connect people from diverse backgrounds and foster a vibrant artistic community. As he continues to explore his musical talents, we can only expect to see even more inspiring performances and collaborations from this rising star.

This quartet harkens from all across the globe, from Ukraine, China, and Singapore. They are united by a common passion – music. That night, they performed classical pieces by renowned German composer Johannes Brahms.

It is said by some that classical music is boring and fails to connect with its listeners. Well, the talented quartet proved such naysayers wrong. The night was electric. The audience sat transfixed by the gorgeous melodies emanating from the instruments. It was almost unbearable to look away.

All eyes were fixed on the four musicians, who played their instrument with a skill and precision that belies their young age. The melodies both flitted through the night air, whilst also carried with it a heavy weight and intensity of emotion.

The music beckoned complexities of thoughts and feelings in its listeners. The audience continued to experience the stunning music dancing around the room, made through the unity in thought and skill of its musicians.

With an almost heart-thumping intensity, it reached its climax before gently drawing to a close. A perfect ending to a magnificent performance.

Phenomenal performance

by Georgii on violin Joelle on viola Wei Qi on Piano and Jiaqi on cello

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