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In May 2022, when I attended a concert at the SuperBroadcast studio on Desker Road in Singapore, I was halfway around the world from my home in Florida.  The intimate listening room setting is one of my favorite ways to hear music, and the studio was most welcoming, with colorful rugs on the floor and contemporary paintings on the wall. Comfortable chairs were arranged around the performance space that evening, giving the studio the feeling of a living room.

The co-founder of Superbroadcast welcomed me and introduced me to the musicians. Idrus  played lead guitar and sang with calm authority, bringing Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind” and Sting’s “Fragile” as messages for our current time. The percussion was wonderfully varied with Faiser Florez’ magical touch on hand drums and chimes and Oswal Gonzales’ riffs of rock and jazz on drums. AZ’s spare electric bass provided a mellow support for the folk songs. And Shahari, was dazzling on acoustic guitar, finding melodies that seemed to be a joyous blend of influences from many parts of the world.

The co-founder , explained her vision for the SuperBroadcast studio as a place where people of different cultures, faiths, and traditions could meet and experience art and music. I certainly felt the music created such an atmosphere on the evening I was there. Wishing to stay connected to SuperBroadcast after I returned to Florida, I became a patron of SuperBroadcast on Patreon. When I hear the music posted on the website and see the studio, I feel that I am once again in the listening room on Desker Road.  I look forward to the artistic events and the growth of

Linda Harkey is a singer songwriter from Tallahassee,US

Songs for You
" Listening to a song takes me away from the demands of the day and gives me a place to simply be, and maybe reflect, for a few minutes. Sometimes after that respite, I focus better and see things differently. My goal is to provide those few minutes of diversion and reflection for the people who hear my songs. If So Long Ago, helps a listener think about someone they loved; if Slow Down and Walk with Jesus helps someone stop and pay attention to the one person who needs them at that moment; or if someone teaches her class to sing The Song the Mountains Sing to Me, and the children can pronounce “sparkles like the spray”, I will be happy. " - Linda Harkey

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