Legendary journalist in Singapore

Legendary journalist in Singapore, Mr. PN Balji , visited the Superbbroadcast studio to share his ideas and stories from the past.

His visit was a great opportunity for use to listen to his unique perspectives on the events of the past and how they have shaped today’s world.

Mr. Balji has been a prominent figure in Singapore’s media landscape for over two decades now and has seen many changes in the industry during his time as a journalist. During his visit, he shared some of his most memorable stories and experiences from his career as well as insights into how technology has impacted media production over the years. His visit was highly informative and inspiring for us.

PN Balji is a veteran journalist with more than 40 years’ experience in Singapore journalism.

He is also a  former chief editor of the English language newspapers Today and The New Paper.


Media Practitioner

We are privileged to have the presence of media practitioner and CNA founder, Mr. Woon at Superbroadcast. He  shared his insights and expertise on media scene.

Mr. Woon  has a wealth of experience in the media industry and has been instrumental in establishing the CNA. His knowledge of the broadcasting industry will be invaluable to us as we strive.

Durng his second visit  he presented  his latest book that he wrote for Singapore first generation artist.

He is a veteran media practitioner, TV producer, art collector and writer. He is the founder of Channel NewsAsia.


Special date with Margriet Vonno

We are incredibly excited  that we have welcomed an honoured ambassador  H.E Margriet Vonno came to our studio on a special date 22.02.2022.

Mr Faisal plays a special piece for her arrival to the studio on Chinese traditional instrument.

Her Excellency’s speech was filled with words of encouragement for the creative community, emphasizing the importance of creativity in developing a better society. She also highlighted how important it is for us to continue to support each other in our creative pursuits. Her Excellency’s visit was an important reminder that we must never take our passion for art and music.

Her Excellency was highly impressed with the space and decoration that our team had put together. She was particularly taken aback by the attention to detail and the level of thought that had gone into creating a perfect ambience.

We could see her delight in her expressions as she looked around and took in all the beauty that we had created. It was a moment of great pride for us to have Her Excellency appreciate our efforts.

A Creative Nomad

Dato’ Khairul  has become a big influence in the Malaysian media scene since his move from Singapore.

He expressed his admiration for our studio, and he continues to visit us whenever he is in Singapore. His presence is a testament to the quality of work that we produce at our studio, and it serves as an inspiration for us to continue pushing ourselves to create even better content and event.

For creative nomads, passion for art is the driving force behind their work. Dato’ Khairul  is constantly visiting our studio whenever he is in Singapore, which speaks volumesIt is this passion that brings them to our studio, where he  share insight on the media industry and its development.

Our studio provides a collaborative platform for creative nomads to explore their artistic potential and collaborate with others to produce amazing works of art.

We are proud of the impact he has had on the media landscape and look forward  to collaborate with him in March at our space.

Dato’ Khairul is responsible for the overall operations of Media Prima Television Networks and Primeworks Studios.

Indonesian top filmmaker and producer

The visit of a top Indonesian filmmaker to our vintage shophouse studio was an unexpected but delightful surprise.

They shared  knowledge in filmmaking and Nusantara history with us, which was a real treat for all of us. The insights on the importance of preserving our culture and heritage were invaluable. We were also inspired by the  passion they have for storytelling, which he expressed through his work

This impromptu visit was an excellent opportunity for us to learn more about the Indonesian culture and gain insight into the filmmaking industry. We were very grateful for his expertise and generosity in sharing his knowledge with us.

They also shared upcoming film that they will be releasing  this year March/April about Malaysia’s  new Prime Minister Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim and the process of filming.